How Lowering Is Hurting My Knees


My knees are injured. I am undergoing a series of treatment and they are slowly recovering. Multiple factors contribute to the injury. Besides flat feet, incorrect posture/action plays a part too.

Lowering is one of the actions that put a lot of strain on the knees. Lowering serves to collect body weight from a raised position, and it is also a driving force for moving.

In the past, I have been lowering on the spot and doing it to the max I can. Sometime I feel like I am doing a squat exercise. This is hurting my knees. Lowering and moving should be blended together. Instead of “lower, then move”, I changed to “lower and move”. This is helping my recovery.

I came across a YouTube video while researching on lowering action in ballroom dancing. It teaches a lowering exercises and also points out some common mistakes. I recommend this video to you.