Leading In Backward Movement


Sometime when I move backward, I feel that my partner is overtaking me, and I am not catching up with my partner. An example is during step 3 and 4 of Quickstep’s Quick Open Reverse. Especially when it continues with more backward steps in following figure.


When I am moving backward and my partner is moving forward in quick timing,

  • I feel that she is accelerating faster and faster, although she is just following my lead;
  • I feel that she is almost overtaking me and about to move past me.


  • I have difficulty catching up with the fast timing.
  • When trying to catch up with the speed, there is tendency to slant body backward or pull body back too much.
  • Follower senses pulling of my body backward, she naturally moves faster forward to maintain contact with my body. This might lead to vicious cycle as I further pull my body back (intending to move back faster).


  • Maintain the body in a straight and upright position, let the legs do the moving.
  • Keep your body at the front, ensuring your partner do not fall forward.
  • Stretch the moving leg backward while maintaining body in upright position.