Tiger Base Camp Review


I went campsite hopping on 14th and 15th September 2023. Visited Tiger Base Camp on the first day and Back To Nature on the second day. This is my review for TBC.


Entering TBC

I check-in on Wednesday, and realized that I am the only camper that day. This is the perk of camping on weekdays. TBC is quite popular, sometime it can get crowded. I like the feeling that I have whole beach to myself. I picked a good spot that gives me unblocked view of the sea.



This is a beach campsite. The sun rises from the sea, and sets in among the trees at the back. The beach is clean and well maintained. When the tide is low, you can walk to the Instagram-worthy groups of rocks and tree.

The rocks

There are 2 dogs roaming around at the campsite. They are quite well behaved, but barked few times that night. Campers who are afraid/dislike dogs might not like it.

Booking And Getting There

There is no online booking system. I contacted the operator +60 19-750 4500 and made booking in WhatsApp. TBC is a popular campsite, it is advisable to make advance booking.

TBC is located in Kota Tinggi, Around 1.5 hr (88 KM) drive from Johor Bahru. Once you turned in from the main road, there is a 2 KM off-road drive. The road is quite narrow and bumpy. Myvi and sedan cars can get through it, but it will be very muddy during raining days.

This inner road branch off into 3 campsites: Logok Campsite, Physis Beach Campsite, TBC.


There is no preallocated space, campers can setup tent almost anywhere. TBC allow campers to drive car into the campground. It makes loading and uploading convenient, and I feel safer to park my car right beside my tent.

There is a mixture of open space and space with trees. I setup my tent under the tree shade, this is needed since the sun is very hot. There are ants near the root of the trees, so it is better to setup the tent at least 1 meter away from the trees.

There is no mosquito, but some bugs flying around. Insect repellent comes in handy.

Plenty of trees


The campsite is divided into 2 zones, TBC 1 and TBC 2. TBC 1 has 6 toilets with shower, can accommodate up to 200 people, but no basin for washing stuffs. TBC 2 has 12 toilets with shower, can accommodate up to 150 people, has basins for washing.

Kampung style toilets, but it is considered clean, no bad smell. Separated toilets for male and female. The water comes from natural source. It is yellowish in color because it is not treated. This is one thing I don’t like about TBC.


General Information

  • Fee per person: RM 10 (TBC 1) / RM 20 (TBC 2)
  • Picnic: RM 10/pax (9 AM ~ 6 PM)
  • Trash fee: RM 10
  • Check-in time: after 1 PM
  • Check-out time: before 12 PM