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Willow Tree Cherating Review

18 May 2024, this is my 9th camping trip. Willow Tree is a campsite located at Cherating, Kuantan, Pahang.

Getting There

Search for “willow tree cherating” in either Google Map or Waze. Neither app will lead you to the actual destination. Once the navigation app leads you to Jalan Kemaman, look out for “Cherating Beach House Estate” signboard and follow it.

Eventually you will reach a crossroad with many signboards, one of it is “Willow Tree Cherating”. You will reach the campsite in a minute or two.



The tent pitching area is right behind the Cherating beach. You will get a nice view of the sea. The sea wave might get very loud at night, but some people find it soothing. Wind is really strong and the ground is mainly sand. Make sure to bring long tent pegs. Keep the tarp low or tie it to trees (there are not many trees there).

There is a tree with a platform on top. The tree provides good shading. I went up the platform with my air mattress and had a good nap.

Tree-top Platform

Sleeping on the platform

There is also a common area for campers to gather. Since there are not much trees at the campsite, you can hang hammock in this place.

Common area


There are 2 basins at the toilet area. 4 bathrooms: 3 with shower heater, 1 open-air shower without heater. Water is clean. Toilet is also very clean and well maintained.

Toilet exterior

Shower area

“Open-air shower”

General Information